Mar. 23rd, 2010

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This is my first cross-post from my Dreamwidth account. Mostly this is to capture my preferred username there, should I require it in future... this business about LiveJournal redirecting pocket-change-generating links is the latest in a series of crises which really don't impact me in any meaningful way.

I don't expect that I shall do much more with it than I'm already doing with LJ. I hardly post on my LJ lately. Interestingly enough, it seems hardly anyone reads it, either. I had imagined that reader response to an individual post was based purely upon its occurrence, but if I had to guess, it would seem that readers get in the habit of seeking posts from certain people, in the way that they would follow a comic or a free-standing blog.

While I'm at it, I might as well set up things to crosspost my Twitter vomitus... I'm actually far more active there, as the format frees me from the necessity of meaningful content. I could just post my brain farts here, and maybe I will, but Twitter requires fewer steps to do this.

But yes, my posts haven't been enjoyable lately. I sure wouldn't read them. I've been doing other things.

I keep wanting to call it Dreamcast. Especially with that frigging spiral.
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If President Obama was President Bush, then when the health care bill came across his desk to be signed, he'd write 'and anyone who wants single-payer coverage gets it, too, by the way' in the margin, and it would become law like that. If he was Governor Schwarzenegger, he'd find some way to word it so it spelled "POOPY" down the side.
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All right, now I'm just looking for excuses to post.

Since there's now more indication that high-fructose corn syrup is better at making you fucking fat, I would like to phase it out of my diet, but I am absolutely not interested in stopping my soda intake. If I don't nurse a soda through the day, I'm going to fill up on other stuff, and I'm unconvinced that an HFCS soda is going to make me fatter than gobbling candy bars all morning. And my stomach isn't fooled by diet soda. So the soda stays.

Ideally I would like this soda to be Coke, and maybe the Coca-Cola Corporation will test spinning off a sugared soda, the way Pepsico did with 'Throwback', but I'm sure that won't last even if they do. It's far cheaper to nudge the right media people into burying the relevant research papers (as if science is a huge audience draw in the first place) than it is to shift production to a sugar-based product; they just aren't going to do it unless they're compelled to, and most consumers don't care.

There's Mexican Coke, but it's turned into this wanky yuppie thing where you pay $1.50 a bottle for something that cashless peasants are normally able to afford, and I loathe how wasteful individually bottled drinks are. If they sold Mexican Coke in 2-liter bottles, I'd think about that.

Fruit juice? Don't make me laugh. Fruit flavoring is the devil's taint-musk. I want something bitter, like my black little heart.

Coffee? Maybe. But I don't like hot drinks. I have to work alchemy on it in order to make it palatable to me. Plus I like it with Kahlua in it, and I can't be getting buzzed every morning... they have a name for that.

I'm still not letting go the idea that Coca-Cola still contains enough cocaine that I'm responding to it in some way... maybe I should just go into dentistry, and add my own supply to coffee along with the sugar...

If this works out, I may look for a masturbation substitute next...


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