Apr. 4th, 2010

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I was told I ought to put my commentary from this post into my journal, so for the sake of once again preaching to the converted, here it is.

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This is little different from the attitudes at the time of the Great Depression; it was seen as a personal failing if one couldn't find work, even in the face of economic collapse. It's not really commented upon much, that there was a major shift in attitude at the time, in that the unemployment level came to be regarded as a function of economic health, rather than a moral failing or Darwinistic inferiority.

But I think the emphasis on polishing resumes and such represents a twofold philosophical reaction to the current economic state. One, that there really isn't anything you can do to win jobs which aren't there, short of indenturing yourself or offering some extralegal arrangement which makes your labor temptingly cheap, so all anyone can offer is platitutes and busywork so people feel like they're accomplishing something. Two, which is a subtext of point one, is that blame must be deflected from the wealthy and powerful who actually control the economy; if this isn't via direct acquittal, by claiming the economy is an unknowable force of nature, or blaming a few 'bad apples,' etc., then you have to get people to just not think about the rich. The best people to act as apologists for the rich are those who are already pretty well off, but want to do even better... this was understood years ago, in Victorian times, that the growing middle class was even more reactionary than the actual wealthy. Their economic status is in transition, and they have an agenda to improve and preserve it from any socialist notion of equalization. So, I mean, journalists are at that stratum; they aren't rich people but they're doing all right. You don't even have to order them to engage in class warfare... it is in their personal interests and fits their existing biases to do so, and like any other bias with any other person, they are generally not aware that they're engaging in it.

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Sigil: (puts herself through hunt for red october., :) )
me: Russia's sort of near Scotland, I suppose
Sigil: (snickers)
Sigil: Helicopter in the author surrogate
me: I think Tom Clancy will require a cargo helicopter. And a Hercules to bring in all his bullshit
Sigil: (snickers) And it did blot out the sun.
me: (giggles)
Sigil: instead, the movie concludes with lovecraftian apocolypse when the experimental engine rouses cthulhu from its eternal slumber.
me: Fortunately Cthulhu is cosseted with an enormous deep fried Mars bar, and the resulting sugar crash puts him back to sleep for another aeon
Sigil: (snickers)
Sigil: "Mother of god."
me: Good thing the captain was Russian!
me: Actually, he wasn't Russian, was he? He was Ukrainian or something.
Sigil: I think so :)
me: Well, so much for that joke. :)
Sigil: After all, ukraine is to russia like scotland is to england, so it like totally makes sense
me: It does!
Sigil: He should have spent the movie strutting around the submarine in the costume he wore for zardoz.
me: (snickers a lot) oh, god
me: Or his armor from Time Bandits
Sigil: erk :)


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