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Today I told myself that I'd buy some kind of little trinket to please myself, as I've been kind of down lately. So I rode my bike down to the mall.

It was strange how crowded the mall itself was, yet many of the actual stores had very few visitors. There was a certain desperation to some of the clerks, like they would have been happy if I'd bought anything, no matter how trivial, just to let them convince themselves they weren't on a sinking ship. Frankly there just wasn't much out there that amazed me. I think making my own clothing has spoiled me for the whole fashion business, though I was never wholly satisfied by it anyway.

Visited Claire's and their mountain of overpriced tacky jewelry; the only thing which caught my eye were these little pill boxes which they called a 'mint box.' Oh yes, my 'mint box,' where I keep my 'mints.' My mints that make me need to drink ten bottles of water and hug everyone. But they were crummy, in the Claire's tradition, so I bought none. I really should hit the antique stores and get a legitimate pill box which once held some inadvisable medication like Valium or benzedrine. I find myself living in an age which simply does not purvey the products I require. Capitalism fails me on a regular basis.

I didn't buy much at Hot Topic, just a bottle of medical teal-colored nail polish (this isn't what the manufacturer calls the color... they don't know any better). I'm waiting for them to roll around to another crazy batshit fashion trend... right now they aren't thrilling me. Apparently the current edgy fashion is to dress like people did in the 80s, except in kind of a weak, watered-down way. It was all lightweight New Wave, rainbow punk, and whatever that style was which was feathered hair, plaid shirts and gray jeans. It was all just so disappointingly staid and boring. I mean, it's nice that suspenders are fashionable again, but such a price to pay for it. Why don't we bring back Reagan while we're at it? Actually, that got me thinking... we had George Bush, then George W. Bush-- why don't we elect Ron Reagan, Jr. as president?

At some point between now and the last time I went to Hot Topic, they switched their bonus program over to scan cards. I had to fill out a quick form for it. The 'roll your birthdate ahead a decade' wheeze is starting to wear thin; even that level of cheating still made me appear uncomfortably ancient. I'm regularly mistaken for somebody in their twenties, a state of affairs I'd be quite happy to have continue, thank you very much... it's getting embarrassing how far off my chronological age is from my appearance. But I shall persevere. :) Mind you, I am aging, slowly.

After that I got some fried clams, which I ate out of a brown paper bag while walking around the mall, like a slob or an undercover cop, before I went to Beverages & More and bought a hundred dollars worth of booze. Not that I really need that much liquor, but I do like to entertain guests occasionally, and it's good to keep certain things on hand. I didn't consider this a treat for myself; it's just a necessity. Later on I bought one of those sunbeam-in-a-jar things off a clearance shelf at the drug store, for about a third of what ThinkGeek wants for it. I looked to see how difficult it would be to change the LED to a more interesting color, and discovered it was soldered about as indifferently as it would be if I'd already modified it.


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