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All right. I may have to adjust my assessment of where current alternative fashion is. It seems Hot Topic does in fact still carry weird, fetishy clothes; they just don't carry them in the location I visited. I want to say this is because Valley Fair is the rich yuppie bastard mall, but that's problematic, since currently it's the only mall around here. Vallco Cupertino Square Vallco isn't really a mall anymore, it's more a giant lobby for a movie theater; and the Sunnyvale Town Center has been in remodeling for the past eight years. Oh, and Santana Row is even more yuppie bastard than Valley Fair is, but they aren't a 'mall,' they're a 'European-style shopping and entertainment complex.' Actually they're a Disney-fake pseudo-downtown built on the former site of a Chevrolet dealership... they'd never have anything as slummy as a Hot Topic in their midst.

In all fairness, there's not really a shortage of weird clothing places in the San Francisco bay area, but I like to use Hot Topic as an indicator of where freak fashion in the US is generally, and I don't need boring rich kids screwing up my data.


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