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Birthdate:Nov 22
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one rock and roll magazine calls them, and I quote, 'total revulsion,' enlarging their boundaries of power to the supernatural, with sadomasochistic eyeshadow hitler rock, they have that audience hypnotized...and it's endless.

and she boldly declared, 'Recently a teenage Christian girl came to me... puking crosses... belt buckles...' --we know that's not possible-- 'and she said she was totally obsessed with Jesus Christ. I asked her at that time, "Serve me." Since then she's had a six-foot poster of the group in her room. She says "I can't go to sleep without listening to them as I fall asleep."' One of the singers of the group. She was also known of boasting of sleeping with a thousand women. 'You can use either one to get things done.' And this was directed to the children.

turned her music, which incidentally is an ancient pagan symbol for demonic worship... she turned her life to a satanic message... since then she's had total freedom. And-- don't be that way, Christian parent... go back to watching TV.

[I should probably do something new for this soon.]

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